The Future of Regulatory and Tax Compliance is Here Integrating Compliance Seamlessly Into Your Organisation

TACT combines global regulatory and tax compliance information into an integrated solution tailored for your organisation.

TACT (Tax & Compliance Tools)


TACT is a suite of products providing real-time global insurance and compliance information at your fingertips. Combining the various back-end data of Impendulo, TACT is a truly complete global solution. All of this is combined with a front-end tax tool and a back-end REST API to provide information in the most flexible way possible.

TACT – Tax and Compliance Tools That Work for You.

Industry standard front-end tax tools

Back-end API for external systems

Combined regulatory & tax database

Coverage of all global insurance taxes

Custom product mappings


Revolutionary setup

Historic calculations

Rates of exchange

Advanced data exporting

Data integrity

Use either the standard TACT front-end featuring Impendulo’s renowned IPT Lookup and Tax Calculator tools, or easily develop your own tools by plugging into the back-end TACT API.

TACT Front-End Tools

Slide The TACT Engine Front-End


The entire functionality and information store of TACT is fed via the fully documented TACT API enabling external systems to easily plugin and access the wealth of data on offer. Learn more by visiting our Integration page where you can also request an API key.

TACT – Tax & Compliance Tools in Action

Slide TACT Front End - IPT Lookup Step 1: Locations Step 2: Product Slide TACT Front End - IPT Lookup Step 3: Results Slide TACT Front End - Calculator Step 1: Locations Slide TACT Front End - Calculator Step 2: Master policy Slide TACT Front End - Calculator Step 3: Premium allocation Edit this allocation Slide TACT Front End - Calculator Step 4: Tax Schedule

TACT Key Features


The entirety of the functionality and information store of TACT is fed via the fully documented TACT API enabling external systems to easily plugin and access the wealth of data on offer.

Truly Global Coverage

TACT includes all taxes, parafiscal charges and portfolio charges from over 300 countries and territories worldwide. This includes all federal and state-level taxes.

Revolutionary Setup

Built entirely from global legislation, TACT throws away the traditional business class model and instead structures everything from Coverages up – as defined in legislation. This flexibility allows TACT to be as dynamic as required and handle all global insurance taxes.

Product Mappings

Custom client-specific product trees allow the complications of tax applicability to be fully mapped in the back-end. Front-end use becomes incredibly simple whilst the tools still manage to maintain the highest level of accuracy in determining which taxes apply.

Full Stack

TACT data includes everything you need to determine whether business can be written, consequently which taxes apply and how to settle those with the tax office. Including:

• Pre-bind (admittance statuses, tax triggers, statute of limitations)
• Tax (applicable tax rates and coverages direct from legislation)
• Settlement (payment/return accounts, deadlines, frequencies, settlement requirements, penalties)

TACT Engine (Database)

Referencing to Legislation

Everything in the TACT data store is backed up directly by unique references, allowing the easy identification and validation of source information. Click through to government website URLs or PDF copies of laws.

Dynamic Updating Tools

All references are automatically synced and continually checked via Visualping to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest insurance tax changes globally.

Compliance as Well as Tax

TACT provides compliance information on top of tax. This information includes who administers the tax, who the tax is charged to (insurer/insured etc) as well as a range of further information (admittance exceptions, reporting deadlines/frequencies, penalties etc).

Calculation Splits

Split your policy by product line to be as flexible as required. Policies can have as many product lines as required, each with their own unique admittance and coverage applicability to tailor calculation results as required.

Rates of Exchange

All calculation results include details on local settlement currency values (if required). Plug in your own rates of exchange or use the standard ones provided to view results in both calculation and settlement currency.


Applicability of taxes and calculations differ depending on how business is being written. TACT is configured on the basis that it includes all global admittance statuses, including those specific to the USA (10+ in total).

TACT Client Integration


Tailored exports of your calculations to either Excel or PDF broken down as standard by product line, insurer/insured taxes and settlement variables. Standard exports include per-location totals, per-currency totals, a summary of portfolio charges and much more.

Network Management

Manage your entire network on one simple-to-use platform driven by report-building and workflow functionality. Have your local partners regularly update custom reports and costs/charges which can then be integrated into the standard TACT Tools and provided to external systems via the TACT API.