TACT combines the global insurance regulatory and tax compliance information as well as knowhow into an integrated solution tailored for you.

Tax & Compliance Tools (TACT)

Global compliance in the insurance market is a challenging area for most companies. Legacy IT infrastructures are expensive to replace and often slow to adapt to the changing needs of user groups within an insurance business.

Impendulo and Axco have been developing the concept of TACT for a number of years and we are pleased with its wide-ranging potential. The idea is simple, an integrated solution providing regulatory and tax compliance information for your organisation.

A Tax & Compliance Tool That Makes Sense


 Combined regulatory and tax database

Simple user interfaces

No need to log-in to a separate system

 Configured to your needs

 Integrated into your IT infrastructure

 Standardise the compliance standards

An Axco & Impendulo Collaboration

Expertise and Focus

Impendulo and Axco are solely focused on the insurance market and together bring a wealth of experience and detailed knowhow from working closely with our clients over many years. No other tool on the market combines regulatory information and tax compliance information, only TACT.

Scale & Scope

Whether you write business in Europe only or need a more global perspective we have over 150 territories covered. Whether you write mono-line or multi-product the TACT database will be mapped and tailored to ensure users receive focused guidance.

User Adoption is Key

Presenting only relevant compliance information to the specific user, whether an underwriter, network partner, operations or finance person is not only efficient but will increase usage. The TACT database can be configured so each user group gets only what is relevant and helpful for that job role.

Compliance Built-in

Companies can set the 'compliance dial' to a level that meets their needs allowing little or no flexibility on where and how business can be written. Direct business flows to different entities or divisions dependant on regulatory or tax obligations.

Technology Configuration

Utilising the TACT Engine® which stores the relevant tax and compliance information we expose an API (application programming interface) for our clients to use to integrate with their current IT infrastructure. Alternatively, Impendulo utilise a number of developers to write software to meet your exact requirements.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Why make it difficult for users to be compliant? The TACT solution can look fully integrated with SSO whilst any deemed intellectual property can be protected by your IT governance rules.