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Tax Alert – Norway – Motor Insurance Tax Daily Rates for 2022 Released

The Norwegian government has announced new rates for Motor Insurance Tax, applicable to premiums collected in relation to motor third party liability insurance. Vehicles insured falling into the period from 1st March 2022 to 28th February 2023 will be charged with the below rates per day:

– Cars and buses (diesel, without a particle filter): NOK 9.57 per day

– Cars and buses (diesel or petrol, with a particle filter): NOK 8.15 per day

– Motorcycles: NOK 5.93 per day

– Vintage vehicles, mopeds, tractors, taxis, snowmobiles, and others: NOK 1.38 per day

– Electric cars and motorcycles (with hydrogen fuel cell): NOK 8.15 per day

– Electric mopeds, tractors, buses, taxis, snowmobiles, and others (with hydrogen fuel cell): NOK 1.38 per day

The government has reduced the Motor Insurance Tax rates for passenger petrol and diesel cars by NOK 95 per annum and has increased the rate for electric vehicles for 2022. Vehicles located in Svalbard, NATO, and embassies continue to be exempt from the tax.

Motor Insurance Tax is a charge on mandatory liability insurance for motor vehicles under 7,500 kilos in weight. The tax is calculated on the basis of the daily rate, multiplied by the number of days the vehicle is insured. The tax is charged to the insured at the time of paying for the insurance of the vehicle and administered to the tax authorities by the insurer.

These changes have been updated on the IPT Portal and Tax Calculator.

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