The Wise Choice for Insurance Premium Tax Training Clear, Focused, Practical Guidance Based on Your Needs

Tailored Insurance Premium Tax workshops from the compliance experts.

Training Services

Insurance Premium Tax is a complex and ever-changing topic. With different rates, rules and exemptions, ensuring you’re compliant is no easy task.

When it comes to IPT, knowledge is power. And that’s just what we can offer.

Good solid foundation training increases the efficiency and effectiveness of staff at all levels who are dealing with IPT. It will help you address the challenges IPT brings throughout your organisation, not just in the tax department.

Our expert trainer will equip staff at all levels with the knowledge to make informed decisions, plan for the future and design an IPT strategy that meets your organisation’s needs.

Practical Advice and Clear Guidance

Our training courses and workshops are bespoke, hands-on and practical based on your needs. With IPT training from Impendulo, you will learn about the issues that matter to you, not in a class room listening to other people’s issues.

We’ll help you mitigate your risk, with expert insights that will enable you to identify where you’re most exposed and how best to move forward.

With IPT training from Impendulo, you will get practical, relevant information to ensure you’re compliant in every country and market sector you operate in.

Training Includes:

Bespoke Workshops

Insurer, Broker, Operations, Finance - you set the agenda before we create the content.

On-site Courses

Customised to your business, your market, and your particular situation. We will build a programme to meet your long term training objectives.