A flexible, integrated solution for all IPT calculations.

Impendulo IPT Engine®


The IPT Engine® allows you to automatically update tax rate information, rules and how they apply to an insurance policy in your own systems and services behind the firewall, reducing risk of non-compliance at the root of the problem.

Built on a flexible IT platform, the IPT Engine® includes all the relevant IPT and client components required to correctly apply insurance taxes in a single API (application programming interface). It is designed to ensure client specific requirements are quick and easy to configure and avoids the unnecessary or prohibitive cost of integrating tax into the existing processes and IT infrastructure.

We didn’t just develop the IPT Engine®, we actually use it and depend on it within Impendulo’s own compliance operation where it feeds three different systems – the IPT Portal®, IPT Data Tools, and the Tax and Compliance Tools. Our clients have access to the power of the IPT Engine® on a daily basis through the IPT Portal®, its calculator, resources and underlying tax information.

API Integration

The IPT Engine® API allows complete integration into your existing software and systems.


Impendulo's customised IPT solution reduces your operating expenses and cuts capital outlay costs.

Built for the Future

The IPT Engine® is compatible with all systems we have seen utilised within the insurance industry.

What is embedded in the IPT Engine®?



A lookup of country with ID to country information.


Tax Organisation

A lookup of tax organisation ID to tax organisation information.


Tax Rate

A lookup of tax rate ID to tax rate information.


Business Class

A lookup of business class ID to business class information.


Tax Type

A lookup of tax type ID to tax type information.


Applicable Rates

A two-level lookup which, given a country ID and business class ID, determines which rates are applicable.

What Does all of This Mean for You?

There are multiple uses for the technology and power of the IPT Engine® and its flexibility can be tailored to your exact needs. Here are some of the ways the technology is currently deployed:

A standalone IPT calculator (such as the one within the IPT Portal®) is exactly that – standalone. The products currently available on the market produce a quote or a file in a number of formats which then have to be re-keyed into the underwriting systems and tools which insurance companies have heavily invested in. This helps resolve the calculation of IPT but creates additional cost in administration and operations. The IPT Engine® addresses both these elements, highlighting tax liabilities within the current systems and processes.

Use the IPT Engine® to feed into various internal functions for calculation of taxes reducing time and improving accuracy by using the Impendulo Data Tools Excel integration.

Configuring the IPT Engine®

IPT Engine® – Client Uses

Seamlessly integrate IPT into your systems.


 Impendulo solution can be tailored to your insurance business and network coverage

 The insurance tax rules can be used pre-bind and post-bind

 Completely secure using advanced encryption techhnology

 Eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces errors

 Significant savings on processing input and IT infrastructure

 Simple, intuitive API with technical documentation

 Configurable key information, such as references and system codes