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Impendulo Names Nick Manias as Technology Director

Leading Insurance Premium Tax compliance services provider Impendulo is pleased to announce that Nick Manias will be taking a new position as Technology Director.

In 2012, Nick became the first person to come through the Impendulo graduate scheme, resulting in full time employment as Head of Research and Development. In this previous role, Nick worked closely with the compliance team to meet client requirements and was instrumental in developing Impendulo’s software tools, the IPT Portal®, IPT Engine® and more recently, TACT (Tax & Compliance Tools).

As Technology Director, Nick will lead a growing R&D team and be responsible for the continuing development of Impendulo’s suite of global compliance software products.

On his new role, Nick says:

“Technology in the Insurance sector is constantly evolving and our focus is to stay ahead of the curve by serving our clients with advanced real-time solutions via both API and cutting edge frontend tools. As Technology Director, I am excited to continue leading a great team to innovate and explore how we can use technology to drive efficiencies and value for our clients.”

On the appointment, Chris James, Impendulo’s Managing Director said:

“It’s great to be in a position where we can reward people for doing a good job and be part of their development from raw talent to future business leader.”

Impendulo is becoming known in the market for unrivalled staff retention and employee satisfaction statistics which they put down to their diverse, talented, hard working and well rewarded team with what Chris calls “the Impendulo DNA”.

Impendulo offers practical and cost-effective Insurance Premium Tax compliance services and software, working to streamline the tax compliance burden and help to eradicate any risk of non-compliance.

For more information please get in touch with a member of the team at

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